The Creator of 'The Crown' Responded to Rumors That the Show Would Include Princess Diana's Ghost

Peter Morgan insisted that the late Princess of Wales deserved "special treatment."

<p>Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images</p>

Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

While we all count down to the final season of Netflix's hit series The Crown, the show's creator, Peter Morgan gave an interview with Variety where he addressed what seemed like extremely far-flung rumors that Princess Diana's ghost would feature in the last episodes. Apparently, even though the claims were published in The Daily Mail, they were true. Variety noted that the upcoming season will indeed have then-Prince Charles (played by Dominic West) speaking to an “imaginary Diana” (portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki). And that's not all, because the People's Princess will also appear to Imelda Staunton's Queen Elizabeth.

“I never imagined it as Diana’s ‘ghost’ in the traditional sense,” Morgan said. “It was her continuing to live vividly in the minds of those she has left behind. Diana was unique, and I suppose that’s what inspired me to find a unique way of representing her. She deserved special treatment narratively.”

<p>Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images</p>

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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The Variety sit-down also confirmed that Diana's car accident won't be shown on-screen. Morgan explained that he “feared writing Princess Diana into the series and even considered avoiding her entirely," but added, "Oh, God, we were never going to show the crash. Never."

On Oct. 9, Netflix announced that the final season of The Crown would buck tradition and be split into two parts. The first installment (out Nov. 16) will have four episodes and "focus on the events surrounding Diana’s tragic death," People writes. Part 2, out Dec. 14, will include the remaining six episodes and wrap up the royals' multiple storylines and include Prince William and Kate Middleton's burgeoning romance.

“Peter did such an amazing job at weaving all of these stories together and really leaving us with such a powerful emotional ending,” Netflix’s chief content officer Bela Bajaria told Variety. “It really does give you the feeling of honoring the queen’s entire reign.”

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