Creator shares tutorial on how to properly use stainless steel pans

Many chefs on TikTok use stainless steel pans in their videos, and one creator recently made a tutorial on how to properly use them like the professionals.

TikToker Health Wealth Culture (@healthwealthculture) posted a video on Sept. 15 explaining how to properly prepare a stainless steel pan before cooking in it.

“Turn your stove on and put it from medium to high,” said the video’s narrator. “Place your stainless steel pan on top and just leave it for five minutes. … After the time’s up, just sprinkle some water on it to test if it’s ready.”

According to Health Wealth Culture, if the water doesn’t evaporate and turns into small bubbles instead, then the pan is ready. Once the pan passes the water test, pour in oil and spread it around.

To fully test this method, the person in the video fried an egg to prove how nonstick the pan truly was. However, some of the viewers tried to push back on this method for cooking eggs a different way.

“But I don’t want crispy eggs,” replied @lovelaceaura.

“This technique is impossible if you’re making scrambled eggs,” commented @ine.kd.

Nevertheless, Health Wealth Culture proved them wrong by posting a video showing a similar process for scrambling eggs. In that tutorial, the person used butter instead of oil and made sure to wait for the water to fully evaporate before the ingredients were introduced.

One of the main reasons why Health Wealth Culture advocates for stainless steel pans over nonstick is because nonstick pans are coated with Teflon, a synthetic chemical. When overheated, the pans can release harmful chemicals, which Health Wealth Culture said people should avoid.

“Teflon is produced from chemicals that are known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS,” the caption reads. “Research has linked exposure to them to many health conditions, including but not limited to certain cancers, reproductive issues, and high cholesterol.”

Because of this, many newer versions of nonstick pans are made in a different way and don’t have the same harmful chemicals.

“Today, all Teflon products are [perfluorooctanoic acid]-free. Therefore, the health effects of PFOA exposure are no longer a cause for concern,” Daisy Coyle wrote in a Healthline article. “However, PFOA was used in the production of Teflon until 2013.”

Still, many viewers enjoyed Health Wealth Culture’s post and were happy to see a tutorial.

“Thank you, I SO needed to see this! I’ve been struggling,” replied @deekkingg.

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