The Crown's Will actor talks big change he had to make to play the prince

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The Crown actor on change made to play Prince WillNetflix

The Crown star Ed McVey, who plays Prince William, has opened up about a big change he made to play him.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy ahead of the release of Season 6, part 2 of the Netflix series on December 14, McVey revealed a key difference between himself and the real-life prince.

"I discovered, and I didn't know this beforehand, and it was a nice surprise: I didn't know Prince William was left-handed," McVey explained.

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For authenticity, McVey said he was asked to do everything left-handed and he managed to complete most of the tasks apart from writing.

"Jokes aside, I did have to then do everything left-handed. I had to eat left-handed. I had to play table tennis left-handed. They started me writing left-handed and then realised I looked like a serial killer writing a ransom note, so they quickly got in a very beautiful handwriting hand double," he quipped.

McVey isn't the only actor portraying Prince William this season – he took over from Rufus Kampa, who starred as a younger version of the prince.

Upcoming episodes from part 2 will see McVey's Prince William attending the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The episodes will also detail the early days of the prince's relationship with Kate Middleton.

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Elsewhere, The Crown actor Luther Ford, who is set to star as the young adult Prince Harry, taking over the role from Fflyn Edwards, revealed that he used the prince's memoir Spare to prepare for the role.

"I listened to the audiobook instead of reading it, so that was useful," he said, adding: "It was good. I mean, it's useful for the voice... It was a perfect tool."

"But I was listening to it the whole time. For months. If I heard bits it would take me back to how I was feeling in that specific time."

The Crown seasons 1-5 are streaming on Netflix, with season 6 part 1 premiering on November 16 and season 6 part 2 following on December 14. Seasons 1-4 are also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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