Cuban police arrest suspect in case of Montreal hospital worker killed on vacation

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Antoinette Traboulsi, a 52-year-old Montrealer who worked at Sacré-Coeur Hospital, was found dead in Cuba Nov. 17. (Facebook)

The cousin of Antoinette Traboulsi, who was found dead on a beach in Cuba earlier this month, says Global Affairs Canada confirmed an arrest has been made in her death.

Traboulsi, a 52-year-old Montrealer who worked at Sacré-Coeur Hospital and had four children, often vacationed in Cuba, which her cousin, Sami Soussa, called her second home.

Soussa says the only information he received from Global Affairs was that an arrest had been made and that a suspect is in custody. He says he was given no details about the person's identity.

But he says he's received eight messages from people he doesn't know, all pointing to one person they believe is responsible for her death.

"We're getting hopeful with the situation but at the same time it's not a lot of info for us to cheer and claim victory. But it does give a little light in our days," Soussa said.

"The family is pretty happy with this information, but at the same time we're trying to be reasonable until we get the full conviction of the suspect."