This Cult-Favorite Cleanser Is Like a Refreshing Green Juice for Your Face

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This Cult-Favorite Cleanser Lives Up to the Hype
This Cult-Favorite Cleanser Lives Up to the Hype


A fun fact from my childhood my mom likes to tell anyone who will listen is that I would request salads over Happy Meals whenever we went to McDonald's. She's never had to bribe me to eat my greens, and my love of veggies has never waned. Maybe that's what first drew me to Youth To The People's best-selling, cult-favorite Superfood Cleanser, which is literally a glass of green juice for your face.

The Superfood Cleanser's ingredient list reads like a popular order from your trendy neighborhood juice bar, not to mention it comes in a similar reusable glass bottle. (The brand offers refills.)

It's infused with cold-pressed antioxidants such as kale, spinach, green tea, alfalfa, and vitamins C, K, and E. It's also sulfate and alcohol-free to help prevent irritating or stripping the skin. Together, the blend of superfoods work to cleanse skin of makeup and buildup in pores while maintaining pH balance.

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I'll admit, when I first read that this cleanser "lathers" I expected it to be too drying for my slightly dry combination skin. While gel cleansers like this one are oddly satisfying when they foam up, I usually have to sit out of the fun because they make my skin feel tight.

However, Youth To The People's cleanser has a milky lather that simply makes my skin feel nice and clean after I rinse it off. The brand says it can be used as your sole cleanser or the second step of a double cleanse. Personally, I like to use it solo in the morning and after a cleansing balm in the evening for extra insurance that I've washed everything off my face. And I'm also a fan of its subtle herbaceous scent, which is as fresh as this cleanser leaves my skin.

Best Facial Cleanser
Best Facial Cleanser


To shop: $36;

After making Youth To The People's Cleanser a part of my regular routine, I fully get why it has over 4,000 five star reviews at Sephora and regularly sells out.

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Despite cleanser being an essential step in every skincare routine, it's not always the most sexy. This face wash is one of those rare products that performs and looks damn good while its at work. And even though it looks delicious enough to drink, I suggest sticking to using it on your face.

Anyone else suddenly craving a green juice?

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