Woman says she woke up with man on top of her in bed at 'rape case' hotel in Cyprus

Will Taylor
News Reporter
A 19-year-old found guilty of public mischief in Cyprus said she was forced to retract her claim. (Photo by Iakovos HATZISTAVROU / AFP) (Photo by IAKOVOS HATZISTAVROU/AFP via Getty Images)

A man attempted to rape a woman in the same Cyprus hotel where a British teenager said she was raped by a group of tourists during the summer, according to an online testimonial.

In a review on hotel ratings website TripAdvisor, an author identifying themselves as an 18-year-old woman said a man broke into her room at Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel, Ayia Napa, then turned her over and pinned her to the bed.

She managed to escape and reported it to reception but said no further action was taken.

It is the same hotel where a 19-year-old British woman said she was raped by up to 12 Israeli tourists in July.

Instead, she now faces a potential prison sentence after she rescinded her claim. She has said she was forced to do so.

The 18-year-old woman who wrote the TripAdvisor review said: “On one of the nights when there was a party at the hotel I came back to the room early because I was feeling ill due to being sunburnt.

“Despite my room being less than 100 metres away from the party, two of my friends escorted me back and took me to sleep in the room. I was completely sober.

“As I felt unwell I had an early night so got myself ready for bed, without going into details I was woken up to a man on top of me (who had broken into the room through the balcony door), he had flipped me over and had me pinned to the bed attempting to rape me.”

Women's rights activists stage a protest in support of a British teenager accused of falsely claiming she was raped by Israeli tourists. (Photo by Iakovos HATZISTAVROU / AFP) (Photo by IAKOVOS HATZISTAVROU/AFP via Getty Images)

The review was published on July 18, the day after the 19-year-old woman at the centre of the case in Cyprus alleged she was raped.

After retracting her claim, the Israelis were let go and she was found guilty last month of public mischief, with a potential prison sentence looming.

The 19-year-old said she was forced to retract her claim by police, and the Foreign Office says it is “seriously concerned about the fair trial guarantees in this deeply distressing case”.

Since then, her case to appeal the verdict has received more than £100,000 of donations and her mother has urged for a tourism boycott of Cyprus.

Pambos Napa Rocks Hotel has 119 “terrible” reviews and 50 “excellent” reviews on Trip Advisor.

Yahoo News UK attempted to contact the hotel for a response but it could not reach staff by email or phone.

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