Dad Blogger Wins The Internet Again With Hilarious Post About Buggy Buying

This parenting blogger’s post about buying a buggy has had the Internet in stitches [Photo: Facebook/DaDMuM]

Earlier this month he went viral with his hilarious post about being ‘mum’ for the day and now parenting blogger Brad Kearns has done it again with a pram shopping account that’s giving us all the lols.

Taking to his DaDMuM blog, the dad-of-two who has more than 75K followers on social media compared shopping for a new buggy to the experience of buying his first car, only buying the car was much easier!

“So purchasing a pram with your wife isn’t as easy a task as you would expect,” he wrote.

“A pram realistically only needs wheels, a seat, maybe somewhere for nappies or a bag and a few bits and pieces to make the parent feel nice… right? Well I couldn’t be further from the mark if I tried! Apparently prams can retail for more than your first car.”

The 27-year-old from New South Wales first captured Internet hearts when his wife was taken ill and he had to step into the childcare breach. His brutally honest account of his experience of being temporary mum to his two sons was shared across the globe.

Brad Kearns has previously won the internet by discussing his stint as ‘mum’ [Photo: Facebook/DaDMuM]

In his latest blog post Brad explains that he bought his first car for a bottle of rum. “That’s right, a bottle of alcohol!” he wrote.

He describes how the purchase of his new car represented independence, whereas buying a buggy reminds him how quickly his youth has slipped away.

“It didn’t smell like independence anymore… it smelled like s***, vomit and baby wipes,” he jokes. “It oozed a sense of stable employment and no social life. I had traded my sub-woofers and exhaust for a matching Mimco baby bag. I had traded the road trips and parties for wiggles concerts and play dates.”

After describing his bemusement that a pram can cost way more than your first car he goes on to say how surprised he was to learn there are such things as social media pram groups.

“Did you know women now have pram groups? Like when guys have car groups and meets at maccas,” he wrote. “What if the ‪#Bugaboo crowd and the ‪#‎Icandy crowd were at the same park? Would there be a fight? Do you ram each other like knights on their noble steeds? I will never know.”

His blog post about being ‘mum’ for the day went viral [Photo: Facebook/DaDMuM]

Having had three different versions of Bugaboo prams, the dad explained how he expected they would have opted for another buggy brand.

“I thought “if she’s not happy with the last 3 Bugaboo’s then we need to look at a new brand,” he wrote.

But in the buggy buying equivalent of going back and buying the dress you tried on in the first shop, Brad revealed that after hearing the sales woman run through alternative buggy brand benefits, his wife decided to stick to the pram brand she knows best.

“We’re now 4th timer team Bugaboo…” he signs off.

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