Dad and daughter transform small shed into adorable tiny home

This TikToker’s dad helped her transform a small shed into the tiny home of her dreams!

Kristin (@kristinc45) is a TikToker who has been working to convert a 12×40 shed into a cozy tiny home. Kristin has been sharing her progress in a series of videos that show the TikToker ripping out old flooring, putting in new tiles, painting, and furnishing her new home. But Kristin hasn’t been doing the home renovation all on her own. In a sweet video, Kristin revealed that her dad has been helping her renovate her new tiny home!

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The video begins with a shot of Kristin and her dad installing the prefabricated shed. The shed sits on a low trailer, and is being carefully towed onto a grassy lawn. The 12×40-foot shed is painted green and has several windows and a wooden front porch.

Next, Kristin reveals the interior of the shed. It is sparse and unfinished, with plywood walls and no insulation. A caption reads, “POV: My dad and I turning a 12×40 shed into my tiny home.”

As the video progresses, Kristin reveals the progress that she and her dad have made on the shed. The duo begin by installing insulation and building a small loft space. They add flooring, then Kristin begins working on choosing what colors to paint the space.

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“Think I’ve narrowed it down for cabinet colors,” she writes in a caption, panning over to show five different paint swatches in different shades of green and blue.

The father-daughter duo build custom cabinets, install a shower and bathroom tiles, and begin installing appliances together. The video ends with Kristin beginning to purchase furniture for the almost-finished tiny home.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the shed conversion and the sweet relationship between Kristin and her father!

“The color of those cabinets are immaculate,” one viewer wrote.

“We did this for our daughter. Paid off college loans in 3 years and we have a guest house now,” one parent shared.

“Make sure you thank your dad for all he does for you. You’re lucky to have him!” another TikToker commented.

Kristin’s new home might be tiny, but it has plenty of heart!

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