Dad's controversial 'free a-- whoopins' sign divides the internet

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    I agree with much of this man's idea. Look as a child my parents would swat my bottom once in a while. Not with a belt, and not with a paddle to be sure. But they did. I knew who was boss. I had a healthy level of fear of my parents and their authority. It kept me in line so to speak. I'm 54, healthy, happy well adjusted with 3 grown children of my own whom I raised mostly the same way. Children need discipline. The balance of power between children and parents has shifted and this does not serve our children well. I'm a teacher. Trust me, I know.
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    Physical punishment is a far more effective punishment than other forms. It offers a quick, clear rebuke of bad behavior.

    Those who say it causes psychological problems are confusing abusive punishment with physical punishment. Any type of punishment can be abusive. Giving timeouts out of frustration rather than when it's deserved is abusive. Being critical or verbally abusive of a child that doesn't warrant it is abusive. And yes, using excessive force out of anger, rather than being cool headed, is abusive.

    A parent should be level-headed, fair and firm when dishing out punishment.
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    Big Canadian Balls
    The people that overreacted to point he’s trying to make are the reason we have this discipline problem today.
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    The guy is correct.Most parents let the kids run their lives.A whoopin to remind the children who runs the SHOW is a great idea.
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    I dunno, it made me giggle. I never spanked my children but, I also didn’t tolerate disobedience. I watch too many parents these days run ragged by their children, who somehow, have become the person to whom the parents appease. Stop trying to be your child’s friend and be a parent! Not everyone wins in life, and yes, sometimes we have to do things we don’t like doing. Parents need to stop kowtowing to their children. That you are all up in arms over this man’s post speaks volumes about your attitudes on child-reading. Good luck when your child ends up running the house and you sit in blissful ignorance until the cops knock on your door to arrest your precious flower.
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    Any parent that disagrees and protests this kind of discipline is just trying to cover for their own parental failures.
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    If everyone followed rules by just speaking to them, we wouldn't need jails. Timeouts don't work.
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    Captain Quint
    I'm truly sadden by the state of our society - and what saddens me is the lack of intellectual intuition that fail to recognize this as a joke. I'm not for him....I'm not against him......I'm simply laughing with him.
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    Randy Marsh
    Not all heroes wear capes.
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    Gene Mut
    We can ll agree that political correctness does not work! Just another bad idea, long with socialism and Marxism. In short, Kids need to be disciplined.