'Daily Show' blasts Fox News for sexual harassment double standard

Fox News was the topic of discussion on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, and the host couldn't help but notice just how much attention they have given Harvey Weinstein.

And Trevor found their focus on sexual predator Weinstein all the weirder considering the recent New York Times article revealing that Fox News renewed Bill O'Reilly's contract just after he settled a sexual harassment claim for 32 million dollars. Noah quipped, "And by the way this is from his own money. Now I understand why he cranks out so many book...he needed the extra cash. I should have known something was wrong when he published 'Killing Big Bird.' Oh yeah, this guy, he's reaching."

Trevor noted that although Fox correspondents were quick to point out that Miramax knew about Weinstein's behavior and even hid it, they were not so quick to do the same for their boy, Bill O'Reilly who they even invited back shortly after firing him.

But despite Fox not going after conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly, while definitely going after Hollywood elitist Harvey Weinstein, Trevor still appreciated their fair and balanced coverage, saying, "So Fox News, please, keep going after sexual harassment, I applaud you. And the great news is, you don't even have to leave the building."