Dakota Johnson's 'traumatizing' experience in a 'Got Milk?' ad

On The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, 50 Shades star Dakota Johnson recalled a traumatic experience from her childhood. In 1998, a young Dakota appeared in a “Got Milk?” ad alongside her mom, Melanie Griffith, her older brother, and her younger sister. Though the ad campaign was hugely popular at the time, Dakota had one big problem.

Dakota Johnson’s 1998 “Got Milk?” ad. (Photo: NBC)

“I have a really large forehead,” Dakota said. “And it was way bigger and really awkward. Like, the proportions of my face [were] really little down here, but then the rest of my head was just forehead. So all of the lights at the photo shoot were glaring off of my [forehead].”

Griffith quelled Dakota’s worries about having a disproportionately large forehead by resting her hand on her daughter’s head, covering much of the forehead. But unfortunately for Dakota, the glare from her forehead wasn’t the only thing that soured the experience.

When asked whether real milk used to make the milk mustaches, Dakota replied, “No. That’s the thing. It’s heavy whipping cream or something. It’s not good. It’s not delicious.”

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