Dame Helen shares her secret to a happy life

Wouldn’t you just love to be like Dame Helen Mirren when you’re in your seventies?

Good news, folks. The Oscar winner has shared her tips for leading a happy and successful life – although presumably she can’t promise that you’ll look quite as good as her in a bikini.

“I’m going to give you a few tips to get through life,” the 71-year-old star said in Los Angeles, “because basically I am quite old, so I’ve lived quite a bit of life. Feel free to pass these on.

“Never drink alcohol, unless you’re celebrating something, upset about something, or if it’s a day that ends with the letter Y. Never drink when you’re driving.

“There are no rules about love I don’t believe, but don’t be in a rush to get married. I married Taylor [Hackford] much later in life and it’s worked out just great. But give your partner the freedom and support to achieve their ambitions.

“Connect with friends daily and I don’t mean on Facebook. It’s better to gave three great friends than 300 friends on social media.

“Finally, ignore anyone who judges the way you look, especially if he or she is some anonymous creep lurking on the internet.

“Don’t be afraid of being rude if people deserve it.”

Well, that all sounds pretty good to us! Thanks, Dame Helen.

While looking back on her career, the actress also recalled daydreaming of fame and fortune while waiting for a bus as a teenager.

“I was convinced that a big black car would drive by and it would screech to a halt and this man would get out with a cigar in his mouth and say, ‘You’re the one. You’re the star. Come with me,” she said.

“Needless to say that was highly unlikely. Instead my trajectory took a different kind of path, which was more to do with idealism, work and being punctual.”

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