How Dan Levy was surprisingly overshadowed by his parents at his sister's wedding

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, Dan Levy discussed his sister Sarah Levy's recent wedding and how his speech was completely overshadowed by his family's performances.

Levy shared how he had to give a speech, as he stated, "I thought okay, well, hopefully that will come quite easily. And I thought it did. My speech was in the middle of the night." Levy went on to say, "My sister and brother-in-law did their speeches at the beginning of the night and absolutely crushed. Like could not have done better. And then I thought, well, should I have just led? Because I don't know if this is going to be any good." That's when Levy revealed how his parents totally one-upped him.

"So I gave my speech. Went fine. It was fine. And then my parents came on after me and sang a duet, a surprise duet, for my sister. And, suddenly, my speech was just absolute ****," Levy hilariously shared.

It's been a fantastic year for Levy. The final season of his hit sitcom Schitt's Creek made history when it swept the 2020 Emmys, winning all seven major comedy awards. The series set a new record for most Emmy wins by a comedy series in a single season. So, Kimmel pointed out that he should let his other family members "have a moment."

A moment they definitely had. Unfortunately, for Levy, his moment was totally squashed.

"It was a complete surprise," said Levy. "And it just brought the house down. My mom, who's very, sort of, doesn't like the spotlight, absolutely nailed it."

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