Daniel Craig's selfie with rumored Bond replacement Idris Elba has 007 fans fired up

If Daniel Craig is ready to hand off his license to kill, he found the perfect place to do it.

Daniel Craig rubbed elbows with his possible replacement. (Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP Photo)

The British actor was at the Golden Globes Sunday night to support his wife, Rachel Weisz, who was nominated for her supporting role in The Favourite. But the evening inadvertently got James Bond fans fired up, thanks to Craig’s photo op with the man who is the hot favorite to become his 007 successor.

Idris Elba, on hand to present two awards, introduce his daughter as this year’s Golden Globes Ambassador and embrace tablemate Alfonso Cuarón after his two wins, once again teased Bond fans by sharing a selfie with Craig taken during the awards show. His caption: “Awks.”

Naturally, the pic has added more fuel to speculation that Elba — despite some racist objections to his potential casting — will be filling Craig’s shoes following next year’s Bond 25. Some Ian Fleming devotees, meanwhile, are just tickled to see the two men together.

It’s not the first time Elba has teased fans about the rumors of his Bond casting. In a 2017 charity video, he pulled a face when a child admitted to having a crush on James Bond, and in August his “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba.” caption had moviegoers shaken (and stirred).

Despite all the speculation — and public approval of a black Bond — there’s been no official casting confirmation that the “Sexiest Man Alive” will actually get his license to kill. But why ruin the fun?

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