Daughter Breaks Down in Tears After Dad Tells Her She’s the 'Second Most Beautiful Bride' He’s Ever Seen

"My wife Leslie is No. 1," the bride's dad said in a now viral TikTok



A bride named Kristi found herself in happy tears on her wedding day after her father saw her for the first time in her wedding dress.

"Oh my gosh, you look beautiful," the bride's father can be seen telling her in a clip shared by her wedding photographer Emily in a TikTok video. "I don't even want to touch you because I might ruin the picture. Oh my gosh."

"Do you like the dress?" Kristi, asked her dad, to which he sweetly replied, "It's stunning. It's absolutely stunning. It looks beautiful," he added, expressing his admiration for the open design of the back. He also shared his certainty that Kristi's fiancé would be enraptured by her beauty. "Marcus is just going to love it. And the veil is just awesome."



"You are the second most beautiful bride, my wife Leslie is No. 1," he said. Kristi replied, "Awe, that's going to make me cry," before her dad told her once more, "You are just, you're beautiful."

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But Kristi wasn't the only one moved by her father's heartfelt words. The photographer, too, was touched by the bride's father's love for his wife.

"So wholesome I can't stop thinking about it," Emily captioned the video of the father-daughter pair on her TikTok.

Other TikTok users felt a similar way. One person replied, "the attention and complimenting on the little details. My dad did the same thing. Dads are the best." Someone else wrote, "My dad went shopping with me! I needed his opinion on the dress. I needed Dad's approval!."

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In another TikTok video, the photographer shared the groom's reaction to seeing Kristi for the first time on their wedding day.

"Oh my god, babe," he said, moving in to hug her after seeing her in her dress for the first time. "Sweetie, you look beautiful."

Kristi then proceeded to show him the rest of the dress, before the two shared a romantic kiss. But, while Kristi was glad to see that Marcus liked her dress, she told him she'd saved the veil as a surprise for when she walked down the aisle.

"Oh, more surprises," Marcus replied, laughing.

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