David Freese's newborn son met the family dog and it was perfect

David Freese has a new son, and that son had to meet the family dog. (AP Photo)

If you have a dog, introducing that dog to the new baby in the family can be stressful. You love the dog, and you also love the new baby so much. You just want them to get along, or at least for the dog to not bite the baby.

Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman David Freese and his wife Mairin have a good dog named Bobdog (which is just the most excellent name). And they had to introduce Bobdog to the newest member of their family, a little baby boy named Kai.

What would Bobdog do? Would he be interested in the baby? Would he want to lick little Kai? Or would Bobdog think the baby was a snack? Let’s find out.

Bobdog wins the Good Dog of the Year Award, in the category of Infant Introductions. Because Bobdog handled it like a pro. He gets close and smells the baby, because he wants to know what it’s all about. He puts his tongue out a little, but he doesn’t give the baby any big, wet, sloppy dog kisses. Then Bobdog backs up, almost like he knows it’s a brand new tiny human, and he has to be careful.

Good job, Bobdog. I have no doubt that you and little Kai will be the best of friends soon enough.

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