Daycare employee fired after being caught throwing three-year-old into a cabinet on video

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Parents are outraged after video from a Missouri daycare reveals an employee throwing a child against a cabinet.

On Feb. 1, cameras at Brighter Day Daycare and Preschool in St. Louis, Mo. recorded footage of an employee grabbing a three-year-old girl by the arm, dragging her away from a table and throwing her into a cabinet. The child sustained injuries and was taken via ambulance to hospital and received seven stitches for a head wound.

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According to Fox 2 News, the parents of the girl, who wish to remain nameless, received a note from the daycare informing them of her injuries saying that “she fell.”

The true cause was determined five days later when the parents reviewed the daycare’s video surveillance with the daycare director, who claimed to have not seen the footage.


After viewing the shocking footage, the family obtained an Jennifer Hansen, an attorney.

“In no world did this family have any idea that what was called a fall was actually an assault until they came to see that video,” said Hansen on behalf of the family to reporters. “One of the more egregious aspects of this case is that the daycare director told the family that she did not watch the surveillance tape until the family was with her.”

A photo of the head injury the child sustained. Image via KTVI-St. Louis

According to Hanson, the daycare failed to take the initiative to review the footage or investigate the injury.

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“The daycare could’ve reviewed that footage at any time,” Hanson continued. “They didn’t and they allowed the day care worker who assaulted this little girl, to continue to work at the facility for five additional days.”

The daycare has since dismissed the employee, while local police and Missouri child care inspectors continue to investigate the incident.

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Although disturbing, Fox 2 News reports this is unfortunately not the first report of abuse from the daycare. Previous investigations into the daycare reveal a May 2018 report of a daycare employee “slam a child on the cot” while a third teacher was “holding a child by his wrist, dragging him across the room.”

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In light of the unearthed reports, the daycare released the following statement, denying any misconduct through an attorney:

“All teachers and staff are properly trained and extremely qualified. Providing a quality education in a safe environment is of the utmost importance to our teachers and staff,” the statement began. “It has always been our policy to notify the proper authorities and to fully comply with any investigation. We have and will continue to follow said policy.”

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