‘Deadliest Catch’ Crew Uses Electronic Crab Callers, Catches Lots of Crab

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Technology ruled Deadliest Catch when Wild Bill Wichrowski figured if science can put a man on the moon it should be able to put a crab in a cage. So he tried using electric crab callers, and let’s just say the initial beta testing looked pretty positive.

Captain Bill Wichrowski has friends over at Livingston Lures who use underwater sound to help catch fish. Wichrowski asked the company: “You’re pretty good at bringing fish to a fishing lure, how would it be to bring a crab to a crab pot?” So the outfit made him audio lures that are supposed to replicate the sounds crabs make while in a feeding frenzy.

Wichrowski attached 100 of the callers to his pots, but he was sure to alternate pots in order to get the most accurate data. And when he pulled his first pot with the caller he was impressed with the results — more than 300 crabs! His deck boss commented, “It’s looking really good for the lures right now. I’m pretty stoked.”

Upon further inspection though, the crab caller had filled with water and broke. In fact all of the crab callers filled with water and broke. So while they caught a lot of crab, it’s just because of tried-and-true methods. But it sounds like Wichrowski will give them another try, saying, “Well, disappointed in the crab calls but we’re gonna keep messing with it. I mean, this is the first trial run.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

Captain Keith Colburn’s son can’t stop throwing up when he joins his dad on the boat:

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