'This is about desensitization': Lingerie model slams 'body type' obsession

Instagram/Tiah Eckhardt

An Australian lingerie model has taken to Instagram to show how dramatically her body has changed over three years and to slam the advertising industry for its obsession with “thin” body types.

“A lot is often said about the fashion/lingerie/advertising industries only using very thin models,” Tiah Eckhardt wrote on her Instagram page. “However, I am sick of seeing only size 2-4/32-34A-B cups. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because I’m bored out of my brain by it. I’m literally desensitized to such imagery.”

The 32-year-old shared three photos of herself over the course of three years to demonstrate how her body changed before, during and after pregnancy.

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“I’ve been dainty-skinny, soft and curvy, athletic, and all those places in between,” she wrote to her more than 75,000 followers. “No one type is better than another.”

Eckhardt went on to explain how constantly advertising to only a thin body type has lead to disengagement with content.

“It actually just makes me feel nothing and doesn’t even catch my attention- I just flick right past,” she continued. “I don’t know about you, but now, at this point of singular-body-type fatigue I’m experiencing, nothing makes me engage quite like an interesting face (or at least one that has some personality), or something like a great pair of boobs, a soft stomach or some killer shoulders or leg muscles.”

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The lingerie model went on to say that focusing only on one body type will lead to loss for advertisers, and here post really resonated with her followers.

“I feel ya! There’s something so blah in seeing the same body shape over and over in magazines,” said one follower.

“So true! If I can see how bigger boobs in an ad fit into a bra? Instantly makes me want to check the bra out,” said another.

“This is exactly how I have been feeling and didn’t even realise it. Thank you for putting it into words 👏,” wrote another woman.

“This is not about one body type over another, this is about desensitization and a new culture of consumers that can edit their feeds and choose to block you out now,” Eckhardt wrote. “Bore them and they will.”

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