Designers pour in to dress Ontario teen with royal wedding invite

<i>Image via The Canadian Press —The Diana Award</i>
Image via The Canadian Press —The Diana Award

A 15-year-old girl who landed a seat at the royal wedding is attracting fashion designers left, right and centre.

Faith Dickinson from Peterborough, Ont. says she’s received “overwhelming” attention from fashion brands who want to dress her on the big day.

Dickinson earned the wedding invite for charity work as the founder of Cuddles for Cancer, which she started at age nine when her aunt said cancer treatments made her feel cold.

She also makes blankets for veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The charitable teen says she’ll be scouting opportunities to expand her work while touring the U.K. It’s believed there are already plans to open a second Cuddles for Cancer in Edmonton.

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“We’ve been into some stores and they’ve been like, ‘We would love to dress you and make a hat and fascinator.’ It’s very exciting in that way,” Dickinson tells the Canadian Press.

“You dream of this when you’re a kid, right? Like, getting all dressed up to go to a royal wedding. It’s so surreal.”

Dickinson says she’s still getting used to all the attention, which has been “a little bit overwhelming.”

“I used to get the odd interview when something happened, we use to get minimal press, but this time it blew up — everyone was calling me and I couldn’t answer because I was in science class and math class and I was getting texts from people,” she tells the Canadian Press.

She’s made more than 3,000 blankets, each detailed with the recipient’s hobbies or favourite colour. They’ve been sent across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, France and Africa.

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She’s raised more than $30,000 to provide them for free to those in need and says she’s now seeing a boost in donations, and more demand.

“We’ve had interest over there about opening a Cuddles for Cancer in London. That might be cool, I may be have a meeting with some people who are interested,” she says.

Go Faith!

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