Devialet’s $450 Gemini II earbuds offer improved fit and a smaller charging case

It offers better fit and a more pocket-friendly charging case.


Last year Devialet, the French luxury audio company known for mighty speakers with even mightier price tags, launched its first pair of earbuds. Gemini carried many of the usual Devialet features, including good design, excellent sound and noise cancellation. But it also had some quirks around fit, weird audio modes and a bulky charging case that turned off plenty of reviewers. It’s those pain points that the company is addressing with its second-generation edition, the Gemini II.

The first and most welcome change is to the charging case, which was awkward and bulky last time out. Now, it’s a lot smaller, and uses the same pocket-friendly lozenge design you’ll find with pretty much every other pair of good TWS earbuds. Inside, the company has added a new custom driver and designed a new Active Wind Reduction mode to help screen out more unwanted sound. And to resolve the issues around fit, the buds are smaller and have been redesigned to better “fit any ear.”

You’ll also spot plenty of quality-of-life improvements like wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.2. But there has been a few spec-drops compared to the last version, with promised battery life falling from 24 hours on the first model to 22 hours here. The per-charge life has also dropped, with the Gemini II pledging five hours on a single charge, down from the six on the original.

This is Devialet, of course, which means you can pick up the standard version from today in black or white, each model costing $450. But you can also get an Opéra de Paris edition, which adds a 24-carat PVD gold plating onto the white case and earbuds, priced at $649. That way, when you’re strutting down the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, everyone will know how classy you are.