This Device Will Render Your Traditional Iron and Steamer Obsolete

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Nori
Photo credit: Courtesy of Nori

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A little something about me: I despise, and I mean despise, looking rumpled and wrinkly. Disheveled hair? Yes. Crinkled, crumpled clothes? Sorry, no. If there is one ting that puts me in a foul mood, it's thinking I look like a slob because my outfit is creased every which way. The problem is, however, I live in a studio apartment. I send out my clothing to be laundered and, frankly, there's no room for an ironing board. So, for the last three years I have resorted to a run of the mill steamer and guess what? They just don't cut it. The result, of course, was a nearly daily dose of frustration when getting dressed.

That is, until Nori sent me their Press Steam Iron. Think of this genius invention like a very big flatiron for your hair. It has two iron plates so you can simultaneously iron the front and back of a garment, but a pointed tip for areas that are hard to reach—a game changer for detail work, corners, collars, you name it. And because of the elongated arms, it's easy for me to reach across my garment and cover a lot of surface area. But, this little piece of genius isn't just a flat-iron for your clothes. Sure, it has eliminated the need for an ironing board, but it also has a steam reservoir, so you can de-wrinkle and smooth your clothes with that function too.

This, has been a gamechanger for me in every sense of the word. If I want to make a piece that wasn't recently cleaned look fresh, I just whip the Nori out to touch them up. Yes, I've even taken to using it on my jeans, cotton tees—basically any excuse to experience the pure satisfaction that is smoothing out my clothes to perfection. It's like having an assistant on a photoshoot to ensure that my outfits look immaculate—not rumpled—except it's a handheld device that tucks away neatly in my linen closet and also fits perfectly in a carryon bag.

Dare I say it... I may never use an iron for personal items ever again.

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