Did your pet find debris from the South Park fire? Here’s what you should do

A fire in Charlotte’s South Park neighborhood Thursday morning spread large amounts of ash and debris in nearby areas, which could present a danger to your pets.

The fire, which happened at an under construction apartment, also resulted in numerous pop-up fires.

A worker in a nearby building who helped at the scene told The Charlotte Observer he couldn’t even count how many fire extinguishers he’d found and used to spray ash and pop-up fires surrounding a suite of three buildings.

Jade Gurss said in a Twitter post that he went inside with his dogs on Thursday when he saw ashes from the fire blanket the air and ground.

“I cut short my walk with the dogs because of the thick, smoky air,” he wrote. “Also a lot of ashes and debris hitting the ground.”

While pets eating ashes is common, the substance can cause massive blockages that require immediate medical attention.

If your pets consume ashes, you should take them to the vet or emergency clinic immediately, according to New York-based Fetch Pet Insurance.

You should ask your vet to run a urinary and blood test to determine if there is any damage to the kidneys or liver, and monitor any changes that occur, including:

  • Loss of appetite

  • Weight loss

  • Changes in urination or stools

  • Abnormal behavior

  • Fluctuation in water consumption

The best way to prevent your dog from eating ashes is by keeping them out of reach, Fetch Pet Insurance says.