Did Raptors players like each other?

On the latest Hustle Play, Chris Boucher answered fan questions and responds to one asking whether or not Raptors players like each other. Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel or listen on the podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- I got a question from Ty.


- Biggest takeaway from your game this season, what did you learn about yourself that will help your career?

CHRIS BOUCHER: More understanding how some season goes. I think, like, more like, obviously, like, every season I had, I learned something, but I think that you always know that there's a peak in the season. There's a time where you're like kind of, eh, where like your shot is not. And there's time where, like, you're going to be, like, the hottest that you want-- like, you're going to hit everything you touch.

So I think that's something, and I think that's something that I've also learned is that I could find a way to make it more consistent through the year if I actually focus on the right thing every game.

- OK. If you could redesign the Raptors jersey, what would you put on them?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I wouldn't change nothing.

- Wouldn't change it?


- OK, I got another question here. Did the players like each other?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. I mean, I think the players like-- especially the guys that's been there for a minute, that's a camaraderie, like it's brotherhood, most of us. Like, even though in the game, like, the game might not reflect it, but, like, as when we off the floor and all that, we all, like-- we're all brothers. We all know each other for a long time.

- Now, I use the word camaraderie, which is actually the next question. What was the difference in camaraderie from this season compared to last?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Last season, we didn't have no expectations, so everybody was just going there trying to make their best, and we won games, so everybody was happy. This year, we had expectation. We didn't do it, and we lost. So, like, here you go. That's a lot to take in all together. It gives you the--