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Disappointed bride-to-be stresses the importance of hair and makeup trials after hers go terribly wrong: ‘Girl, run’

A woman who requested Hollywood waves at her bridal hair trial was shocked by the results — and now, her post-appointment video is going viral.

TikToker and soon-to-be bride Florence Lucas (@florencelucas714) gained over 2 million views, 47,000 likes, 4,200 saves and 780 comments when she uploaded the hair trial results to her account.

While past viral videos have taught us that wedding plans hardly ever go as expected — like the bride who “ruined her smile” by getting Botox injections right before her wedding or the bride who was “devastated” when she caught the restaurant serving her wedding cake to another party — Lucas’s video can hopefully serve as a cautionary tale to brides still in the early planning stages of their wedding.

Using the same viral TikTok sound featured in the wedding cake fail trend — in which disappointed brides revealed the wedding cakes they requested versus the wedding cakes they actually received — Lucas shared the hair inspo photos she gave to her hairstylist at the bridal trial.

The style Lucas was after, called Hollywood waves, is a vintage hair look featuring bold, defined waves. According to her video, she provided at least nine photo examples of the style, hoping the unnamed artist would understand the look she was going for. However, Lucas was disappointed by the final results.

“I cannot stress the importance of hair and makeup trials enough,” Lucas wrote in her caption. “YOU NEED A HAIR AND MAKEUP TRIAL! And sometimes, no matter how nice someone is, you can’t hire them.”

In a follow-up video, Lucas further revealed the results of her trial.

‘I cannot fathom this’

Many TikTokers shared their surprise at Lucas’s trial results and offered up their reactions in the comments.

“As someone who does weddings all the time…..I cannot fathom this. I’m so sorry!” wrote @clevergoose.

“They didn’t even get all of your hair!!! Why is some of your hair still straight!? 😭 I’m sorry girl,” commented @meerriyum.

“I just did this for my wedding and she told me prior that I needed extensions for this look. Your stylist should have gave you a heads up,” wrote @chelllybean.

“I DIY’d Hollywood waves for my elopement last week and they looked better than this?! Girl, run. Another stylist or a DIY, you deserve better,” commented @lilyblooms97.

In another follow-up video, Lucas addressed the many comments, saying her hair was simply too thin for such a style and would require extensions to pull off the look.

Why are hair and makeup trials so important?

According to The Knot, hair and makeup trials can help brides guarantee that they’ll look and feel their best on their big day.

“Whether you’re going full glam or keeping things more natural, a test run is always a good idea,” according to a story on the site. “Not only will it ensure you and your beauty pros are on the same page, it’s also an opportunity to see what your dream style looks like (and see how it holds up throughout the day).”

How to have a successful hair and makeup trial

Prior to your trial bridal appointments, Brides stressed the importance of researching your artist and your inspiration.

“Arm yourself with inspo photos that make your heart sing, the hair accessories you plan to use, and notes on any previous hair looks you’ve tried and either loved or would prefer to forget,” according to the outlet.

“The stylist should also know specific wedding details, like the venue, location, wedding dress, and if you’ll be changing throughout the day.”

However, the outlet also recommended that brides remain flexible and realistic.

“Remember to keep an open mind and go into any trial with realistic expectations — but speak up if something isn’t to your liking.”

TikTokers also weighed in in the comments with their own trial tips.

“Step 1: find a stylist who exclusively does bridal hair. Step 2: make sure they also specialize in this type of style,” suggested @nikelise.

“pick a photo from their own portfolio and show that. Also investigating the stylist’s socials beforehand is a must,” commented @mareentessa_.

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