Discord is switching to expiring links for files shared off-platform

The new temporary file links will expire after 24 hours when shared outside of Discord, as it cracks down on malware.


Discord is changing its approach to file hosting in an effort to crack down on malware. The platform will begin using temporary file links that will expire after 24 hours for user content shared outside of Discord, BleepingComputer reported. The change is expected to go into effect by the end of the year.

While the stated intention of the move is to crack down on malware, it’ll also curb the wider use of Discord as an unofficial file hosting service. It’s not uncommon for users to upload images and other content to their own servers and then post those links elsewhere. You won’t be able to do that as smoothly anymore once it makes the move away from permanent file links, because the links will go dead after a day. Nothing will change for content posted and shared within Discord itself.

Switching to temporary file links “will help our safety team restrict access to flagged content, and generally reduce the amount of malware distributed using our CDN [content delivery network],” a spokesperson for Discord told BleepingComputer. Discord also noted, “If users are using Discord to host files, we'd recommend they find a more suitable service.”