Doc Rivers hilariously calls out reporter for taking Zoom call in bed: 'Jesus Christ, Jackson'

Jack Baer
·1 min read

Working remotely for months on end can do a number on one's professionalism, but not everyone has Doc Rivers on hand to enforce the rules of decorum.

The Philadelphia 76ers coach took questions like usual after Wednesday's win over the Houston Rockets, until he noticed where one reporter was seated on the media Zoom call. Rivers couldn't help but confirm if Jackson Frank, who has covered the team for a number of outlets, was really taking the call from bed:

The full play-by-play:

Frank: Hey Doc, pretty prolific first half for you guys without Ben and then Joel, kind of a—

Rivers: Jackson, are you in bed right now?

Frank: I am right on my bed, yeah.

Rivers: Jesus Christ, Jackson.

Rivers was clearly more amused than chagrined about Frank's choice of setting, bursting out laughing after the last line.

Frank then took to Twitter to defend himself:

To be fair, let he who hasn't taken a Zoom call from a questionable location cast the first stone.

Frank later noted that Rivers did end up answering his question, which wasn't clear from the clips circulating online.

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