What does it mean to have ‘crispy R’s’?

Many TikTokers have suddenly found out that their speech pattern is different from others because they have “crispy R’s.”

People who speak with crispy R’s emphasize the “R” sound in words. This can happen regardless of where the “R” is, in words like “cracker” and “car.” Though a number of people have heard this sound in their individual circles, many have found it easier to point out the pattern using examples from famous people.

Mary Elizabeth Kelly (@mary_kell) stitched a video from @greg.plus.coco (which has been removed from TikTok) to point out several celebrities who use crispy R’s, such as Kourtney Kardashian and Max Greenfield.

“I thought that everyone said their r’s like that,” wrote @itscarmelagalvan. “So this is how I find out that I have crispy r’s.”

While some TikTokers can clearly hear a difference, others have a hard time identifying it — especially in their own speech. Kaylee Bull (@Kayleebull), like other TikTokers, didn’t find out she used crispy R’s until she saw it on the app.

“I have the crispy ‘R’ and I had no clue that I had that,” she said. “I just really emphasize the ‘R.’“

While many are trying to explain the sound using words, medical professionals are quite familiar with this speech pattern.

“Overpronouncing the ‘R’ sound in words is a phenomenon known as rhotacism. It typically involves replacing other sounds or vowels in words with an ‘R’ sound, which can result in speech patterns that sound unusual or nonstandard,” Dr. Kezia Joy told In the Know by Yahoo.

According to her, people may incorporate the crispy “R” into their speech because of the people around them, a potential disorder or even just because of the accent in the region they grew up in.

Although this type of speech is distinct, Joy emphasized that having crispy R’s doesn’t indicate anything negative about a person.

As more people become aware of this speech pattern, TikTokers continue to speak up about it. Currently, the hashtag #crispyr has over 2 million views and a growing number of videos of users coming to terms with the unique way they talk.

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