Dog named Lola jumps into police car with note attached to her collar. ‘Please help’

When police responded to a loose dog report at a Wisconsin park, the “sweet girl” headed right toward an officer.

Then she jumped into the squad car, according to an Aug. 25 Facebook post from the Platteville Police Department.

The dog was wearing a pink collar, police said. And attached to the collar was a heartbreaking note.

“Please help,” the handwritten note says. “Take me to a shelter. My name is Lola.”

Authorities have since taken Lola into safety and provided her with food and water, as seen in a photo shared by police. Now, officers are asking for help finding Lola’s owners.

“We would like to speak with them,” police said.

In Platteville, it is illegal to abandon animals.

Platteville is about 70 miles southwest of Madison.

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