Dominant Auston Matthews can still reach 50 goals this season

Auston Matthews hasn't reached the goal-scoring heights of "Rocket" Richard 2021-22 season but the Maple Leafs star is still the difference maker for Toronto on a nightly basis. Matthews scored 29 goals in the last 41 games of last season and many are tipping him to up the production and reach the 50-goal mark.

Video Transcript

- So a big topic this season has been Auston Matthews and his scoring. Wide out, he's not scoring at the pace that we're used to. But I still think he's having impactful games every single night. I mean, I'm noticing him making like two, three, four defensive plays per game. And literally on back checks, he's stealing pucks from players as well.

However, we do know Matthews for his goal scoring ability. But I do think 50 goals still is possible. I mean, again, it hasn't been the first time that Auston Matthews has gone on a crazy run of goals. And something that we haven't seen as much, and a lot of people have mentioned this, is we haven't seen a lot of those two goal Auston Matthews games. You remember those? The games that used to really frustrated us because he'd score two but he would never get the hat trick, and it only happened like once against like New Jersey randomly, or that other game against Colorado.

So if Matthews can start to put together those two goal games and start to go on like a really, really scary stretch, I still think 50 goals is possible. Yes, he's on pace for 40 or 41, but I still think 50 is possible. I mean, think of last year. Last year, he got 51 and 50. I mean, 30 and 41, I think that's pretty possible.