Donald Trump, player kneeling, concussions among topics available for Super Bowl prop bets

Oddsmakers are betting that Rob Gronkowski will clear concussion protocol in time for the Super Bowl. (Getty)

With the Super Bowl comes Super Bowl prop bets.

And as with most thing pop culture or otherwise today, many of the prop bets announced on Monday by BetDSI touch on Donald Trump and other controversial subject matter.

Trump appears four times in the list of bets. You can wager on whether he shows up for the game, whether he conducts an interview with NBC, bet the over/under on how many times he tweets during the game and bet whether halftime act Justin Timberlake utters Trump’s name.

You can also wager on whether New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski clears concussion protocol before the game (he’s a favorite to suit up) and if another player will see his Super Bowl end early with concussion symptoms (oddsmakers are betting no).

And, of course, the most obvious prop bet of our current football/political climate. Will any player kneel during the national anthem? Oddsmakers don’t think so and are paying +275 if a player does.

Of course it’s not all POTUS and pondering life-altering brain damage. There’s plenty of fun to be found in the prop bets, too.

You can bet the Puppy Bowl, where Team Fluff and Team Ruff both pay -115.

There are five different bets to make on whether NBC commentator Al Michaels will make gambling references during the broadcast.

Justin Timberlake fans have plenty of opportunity to bet on his Super Bowl halftime show. (AP)

And with Timberlake doing the halftime show, there are of course chances to bet on whether Janet Jackson will appear and whether there will be another wardrobe malfunction.

Oddsmakers are laying long odds on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick retiring postgame, but believes that Brady is twice as likely to call it quits after the game. A no bet pays -2500 for Brady announcing his retirement, while bettors must lay a whopping -5000 to get paid on Belichick declining to retire during the NBC broadcast.

You can even bet on how much total money will be bet on the Super Bowl with the over/under set at $4.5 billion. In theory, if you have the means, you could bet enough money to push that number over. But we’re guessing the prop bet cap on that wager falls well short of $4.5 billion.

For the full list of bets and odds, click here. Good luck to all.