'They don't watch us': Chris Boucher on Barkley, O'Neal's Raptors comments

Chris Boucher wasn't a fan of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal's take that the Toronto Raptors are in 'no man's land' after losing their playoff series to the Philadelphia 76ers. Listen to the full episode on the 'Hustle Play' podcast feed or watch on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube.
Photo credit: Louis Eng

Video Transcript

- Now we're talking NBA playoffs, talking a little bit of media. And I want to talk to you about Charles Barkley and Shaq, because they mentioned that Toronto is a team that's kind of in no man's land, because they're good enough to make the playoffs, but they don't really have a superstar who can kind of take them over the edge. Do you believe, really, that you need to have a superstar to win it all in this league? Or can you win from a collective group?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I think the league is changing where it could be a collective group. You know what I'm saying? But to be honest with you, I think if they think that about us, that's what I think about everything they say. You say, we were gonna get swept. After you said that, I don't even know if I could listen to anything you say.

Shaq and Charles. Like, how many times did they say stuff, and it don't happen? OK. So if they think that about us, they think we can't win a championship, now what's new about that? I know for sure that the team that we had, nobody thought we would get there. So--

- No, you guys greatly exceeded expectations.

CHRIS BOUCHER: So if we all go back this summer, and all get better. Pascal isn't-- you think he's not a superstar? He's gonna be in All-NBA. Fred was an All-Star. I don't know what you're saying. What that we don't have? It's just because we're young, obviously. And you guys don't watch us. So you don't know much.

- They don't watch you.

CHRIS BOUCHER: You don't watch us. You probably watch, like-- when you say, oh, the Raptors are in the playoffs? OK, let me go watch a couple of games, see how they play, and start talking. Watch us. And then you could talk how much you want.