Dr. Evil opens up after being fired from the Trump administration

Dr. Evil appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, after reportedly being fired from his secret position in the Trump administration. Dr. Evil, who was played by Mike Myers, was the main antagonist in the Austin Powers franchise.

When asked what role he played at the White House, Dr. Evil replied, "Well, naturally, I was going to be Secretary of Evil, but Steve Bannon got that job."

Dr. Evil did not specify his exact position, but he did take credit for idea of building a wall along the border. He said "All of the most evil stuff was me."

When Fallon asked if he was responsible for deporting 'Dreamers,' the evil maniac replied "No, Jimmy. Even I have my limits. I'm evil, but I'm not a monster."

Dr. Evil said he enjoyed his time at the White House, particularly the time spent with fellow evil doctor Ben Carson. But he could not say the same for Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

When asked about Don Jr., Dr. Evil said "Don Junior, well, that guy is creepy AF.  He looks like he's missing a facial feature. You just don't know which one."

Dr. Evil ended the interview by announcing that he was running for president under the slogan, "Make the World Evil Again." As for a running mate, Dr. Evil said that he is running alongside "the only man who is more hated right now than Donald Trump." He then revealed that Mark Zuckerberg will be he running mate.

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