Drag Race All Stars: Heidi N Closet Claims to Have Game-Changing Tea About Kandy Muse, But What Is It?

Heidi N Closet just committed one of reality TV’s most common, most annoying sins.

Prior to hitting the runway in Episode 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8, the sweet-and-supple queen revealed herself to be in possession of “tea that will burn this competition down,” implying that “a lot of these girls are going to end up hating each other” once the truth is revealed. As she put it, “This will go from best friend race to enemy race real fast.”

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But rather than spilling said tea — if only as an aside to LaLa Ri, who practically begged Heidi for a few drops — she chose to keep it to herself. Rude!

Seriously, what are we supposed to do with all of this? Sit around playing Law & Order: Werk Room to figure out what Heidi is keeping from the other girls? … Fine, challenge accepted!

All we know for certain is that Heidi’s tea relates to something Kandy Muse told her off-camera. “Kandy has confided in me outside of this Werk Room, and some of the things she’s said aren’t the type of things that would … let’s just say fly, if everyone else knew about it,” Heidi teased in a confessional.

“Everyone else” seems to imply that Kandy has spoken ill of multiple queens, but I’m mostly concerned with Jimbo at the moment. When Heidi hinted that “there are some things off-camera that have been said that are real shady, and they’re kiki-ing together,” the camera cut to Kandy and Jimbo doing their makeup.

As Heidi reminded the audience, she is supposed to be in an alliance with both Kandy and Jimbo. If Kandy is no longer honoring that alliance by making Heidi look bad in front of everyone else, Heidi’s next logical step would be to turn Jimbo against Kandy — and what better ammunition than Kandy’s own words?

For any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers out there, this whole thing gave me “Let’s not talk about the husband!” vibes, a vague accusation meant to cast doubt on someone without actually saying anything. To that end, I’m lowering my expectations for Heidi’s big reveal — if we ever get one.

As Heidi left it, “I’ll have to stick around for it to come out.”

How did you react to Heidi’s vague tea? What are your theories? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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