Drake’s New House In Toronto Is Totally In Touch With Normal Life

Maija Kappler

Rumour has it Drake is super rich. We know he planned to spend over $200,000 on a "Harry Potter" first edition. We've read about his hobby of collecting Birkin bags, the cheapest of which are in the $15,000 range, as a future gift for "the woman I end up with." Sure.

But his new Toronto home, which he started building in spring 2016 and is now almost finished, really takes the cake. (And that cake is a custom-made Madagascan vanilla bean vertical trifle gateau covered with real gold foil and hand-painted sugar roses, naturally.)

Last week on his Instagram story, Drake posted updates on the house, which looks more like a museum or luxury hotel than any house we're familiar with, personally. It is a monster.

The house's designer, Ferris Rafauli, also posted video of the palatial home.