Drake pens letter to mom thanking her for helping with his ‘eBay addiction’


Started from the bottom now he buys his own pants.

Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake posted an adorable handwritten note to his mother on Instagram yesterday.

In the caption, Drake jokes he had a temporary “eBay addiction” in 2006 and likely bought one too many Evisu jeans. He also thanked his mom for “temporarily funding his music and wardrobe,” even adding “#NothingWithoutMyMom.” (Awwwww!)

The responsible Champagne Papi goes on to state that he cancelled his subscription to WireImage, a celebrity stock photo service, as it cost him more than he expected and promised to reimburse his mom “through several methods and or means of payment.”

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While the very professional note leaves us with many questions – like why would a then 20-year-old Drake need a subscription to Wire Image? And why did he sign off as “Drake G” but write his name as “Jimmy,” his character’s name in teen drama “Degrassi?” – we can all appreciate the sweet sentiment behind the letter as well as his impressive penmanship.

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Drake raked in an estimated $39.5 million last year, placing him third on Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2015 list. Plus, his latest smash hit “One Dance” broke records to become the longest running number one single in the UK, reigning at the top spot for 13 consecutive weeks.

All things considered, it’s probably safe to say that Drake settled his debt with his mother and can buy all the Evisu jeans he desires.

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