Drake Really, Really Wants You To Know How Rich He Is

Connor Garel

It’s natural law that people with obscene amounts of money will spend money obscenely, which is exactly what the 32-year-old Canadian rapper seems to be doing lately, with his $150 million net worth. Drake isn’t interested in anything small, least of all his belongings.

This brings us to his latest acquisitions. 

Drake recently gave the world a closer look at his gargantuan, offensive, lavish, spacious, jealousy-inducing private jet, which, of course, is much larger than it really needs to be.

Cargojet Airline, a Canadian company based in Mississauga, reportedly gifted the plane to the rapper.

In a video posted to Instagram, we get a look inside “Air Drake,” a Boeing 767 that’s been effectively converted to a mansion with the ability to fly. Imagine!

Inside are leather seats, gold-adorned walls, and enough space to fit a couple hundred people, though a couple hundred people won’t be flying in it. The outside shell looks chrome, but is actually baby blue, complimented by some of the rapper’s favourite symbols — owls, prayer hands — plastered in gold against the exterior.

The Air Drake is a commercial size aircraft valued at about $200 million, but the rapper reportedly paid $0.00 for it because ... well, because he’s Drake. When you’re a hyper-rich celebrity with some 58 million followers, give or take a couple hundred thousand, you inherit the label of an “influencer,” meaning anything you post doubles as ridiculous free promo. (With the name “Cargojet” slapped on the side of the aircraft, it’s literally a flying billboard.)

If you live in Toronto, or happened to be here for the Raptors Championship Parade on June 17, you might have seen the Air Drake circling the city from above. You could call the flyovers (I’m sorry) victory laps.

Of course, the new toys don’t stop there.

Drake also recently gave us a little look at the indoor NBA regulation-size basketball court he has laying around in his Bridle Path mansion in Toronto. A glass dome covers the top, so you can see inside from the roof, and an upper balcony overlooking the court serves as the perfect spot to shoot baskets from above.

And since he seems to have an intentional, if subtle, sense of humour, the court also has the word “WELCOME” painted in cursive underneath a basket, like a welcome mat at the door of a castle guarded by hundreds of security guards.


Naturally, this is just one of many other — here comes that word again — obscene features of the artist’s superhome at 21 Park Lane Circle. Also included at the property, if you care to know: an elevator, four guest bedrooms, a screening room, saunas, a 10-car garage, an awards room, a piano room, three bars, an indoor pool, a closet full of Birkin bags for his future wife ...

You get the point. 


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story referred to a Toronto neighbourhood as Bridal Path. In fact, the correct spelling is Bridle Path.