Drake’s Dad Has His Own Smoky Throne Room in New Music Video

Drake (aka Aubrey Graham) isn’t the only musician in the family.

His dad, Dennis Graham, was a fixture in the Memphis music scene when Drake was growing up. And although the rapper targeted their estranged relationship in previously written lyrics (the elder Graham left Drake and his mom when he was only 5), they’ve since reconnected.

In 2013, Dennis Graham even appeared in the music video for Drake’s “Worst Behavior” oozing over-the-top style and a truly fantastic mustache.

Dennis Graham showing off his moves in Drake’s “Worst Behavior.” (Courtesy: Drake’s YouTube Channel)

But now, Drake’s pops has an amazing new music video of his own, “Kinda Crazy.” There’s no rapping, but Graham’s silky smooth R&B delivery is a perfect fit for the sexy, moody visuals, which includes a smoky throne room.

Game of Smoky Thrones? (Courtesy: Dennis Graham YouTube Channel)

A flirty dinner with a bunch of women half his age.

Dennis Graham giving the eyes (Courtesy: Dennis Graham YouTube Channel)

And some whiskey tasting. Hopefully Virginia Black, his son’s signature brand.

Drake’s dad is classy (Courtesy: Dennis Graham YouTube Channel)

Last month, Virginia Black posted a funny video featuring both Grahams. The elder musician appeared as the Realest Dude Ever, the whiskey brand’s version of Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man in the World.

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