#DrawEurovision: Artists create quick caricatures as Eurovision acts perform

Artists have tackled the “challenging and stressful” but “fun” challenge of creating caricatures of Eurovision’s musical acts as they performed in Saturday’s final.

The #DrawEurovision trend sees artists create quick paintings and sketches of the acts as they perform onstage, with watercolours, pens and digital software all used to create their artworks.

Scottish illustrator Neil Watson-Slorace, from Glasgow, has been live drawing Eurovision for 10 years.

“It’s the absolute highlight of my year and I now feel it’s kind of expected of me,” he told the PA news agency.

“I absolutely loved all the acts this year, definitely one of the best years.”

Mr Watson-Slorace said his favourite act to draw this year was the Australian band Voyager, who he depicted with their feet on a sports car as they played, thanks to their “80s vibe” and “epic metal beatdown”.

Professional cartoonist and illustrator Dan Berry, from Shropshire, described the tradition as “challenging and stressful” but “a lot of fun”.

“I think I was one of the instigators of the #draweurovision hashtag,” Mr Berry told PA.

“I can’t remember when it started, but I’ve been doing it for years now.

“It’s a fun drawing challenge, trying to get each act drawn while they perform.

“It’s challenging and stressful, but a lot of fun.”

Among Mr Berry’s artworks was a depiction of Loreen of Sweden – the winner of Eurovision 2023 – as Marvel’s Wolverine in tribute to the long nails she wore in her performance.

Ned Hartley, a comic book writer from London who writes Bananaman for the Beano, took part alongside his wife and daughters.

“I started doing this because I showed my family (Mr Watson-Slorace’s) drawings last year and we thought we’d all have a go at drawing this year,” the 43-year-old told PA.

“My wife and daughters have been drawing along to the music and it has been a lot of fun.

“I think I enjoyed drawing Finland and Moldova the most, but it’s all great.

“This has been a great Eurovision, and it’s lovely how it brings people together in so many different ways.”