Drinkable sunscreen is now available to buy


Around two years ago, a group of scientists were talking about creating an SPF that you could drink, which would help create a defense against sun damage from the inside out. Well, after a number of clinical trials they’ve finally done it – and now you can buy it for $30 a bottle.

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The sun protection potion comes by way of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, a company out of Colorado that specializes in drinkable beauty products. Part of their Harmonized Water collection, the UV Neutralizer is taken orally and helps protect you against the damaging effects of the sun.

“Similar to how noise reduction headphones work, these waters help to cancel out and rebalance internal disharmonies by delivering medicinal radio frequencies to your cells in the form of water. It is a natural way to impact cells with a language that is better recognized and more specific than the frequencies released by many drugs.”


(Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare)

To use, drink 2 mL (ideally diluted with at two ounces or more of water) every four hours while you’re in the sun. Wait one hour after drinking before exposing yourself.

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While the "sunscreen" protects often missed areas like the eyes and scalp, doctors warn that you can sweat it out. If you’re doing any strenuous activity or are sitting out in the heat for a lot time, you should use a secondary method of protection, like a hat or topical SPF.

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