Driver strikes victim’s vehicle with hammer during Johnson County road rage incident

A driver used a hammer to strike another driver’s vehicle during a road rage incident in Merriam, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, police received a call about a road rage incident that was occurring on West 75th Street near Interstate 35, said Capt. Jeremiah Waters, a spokesman for the Merriam Police Department.

One of the drivers allegedly exited their vehicle and struck another vehicle with a hammer, causing damage. The driver then got back into their vehicle and started to leave, Waters said.

As the attacker started to pull away, the victim got out of their vehicle and was bumped by the other driver’s vehicle. The attacker then left the area. The victim was not injured.

Several cities border that intersection, so video from cameras there helped Merriam police identify the vehicles involved, as well as lead detectives to a “person of interest” they are investigating, Waters said.

Police have contacted several witnesses in the area, and have the information they need at this time, he said. Because it’s an ongoing investigation, Waters declined to release any further information.

People who find themselves confronted during a road rage incident should drive away and go to their local police department or a safe area to avoid escalating the situation, Waters said.