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Drought sweeps eastern Australia

An old bus used for storing farming equipment stands in a drought-effected paddock on a property located west of the town of Gunnedah in New South Wales, Australia, June 3, 2018. (Photo: David Gray/Reuters)

Drought sweeps eastern Australia — the worst in living memory

From ground level, Australia’s drought looks like a featureless, brown dust bowl, but from the air it transforms into artistry of color and texture as the land cracks under a blazing sun.

Circular dry plow tracks resemble the concentric circles in Aboriginal dot paintings that tell of an ancient mythology; starving cattle lining up for feed look like an abstract painting; and their black shadows stretching across the land create a surrealistic image.

The worst drought in living memory is sweeping parts of eastern Australia, leaving farmers struggling to cope and many of them asking questions about the future. (Reuters)

Photography by David Gray/Reuters

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