This $20 drugstore palette earned me tons of compliments - and even impressed our beauty editors

Image via Catrice.

Confession I hate spending a lot of money on makeup.

Even though I occasionally write about beauty products and love having makeup tutorials on as white noise, when it comes to shopping for makeup I am hard-pressed to spend money on luxury brands.

About 99.99% of my makeup collection is filled with accessible and affordable brands that can be purchased from a drugstore - and I’m not the least bit ashamed.

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I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t have to go broke just to get beautiful looking skin and makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why some people spend tons of money on makeup that would look good on camera or in photos, but the fact of the matter is I’m not a makeup artist, I’m not a model and my job doesn’t require me to be on camera. I don’t need to have HD skin when I’m at the office. Instead of buying a $70 bottle of foundation I can save myself $50 and put gas in my car.

My shock and awe at expensive products is well known around the Yahoo Canada offices, which is why it brings me so much joy when I can impart some economical cosmetic product recommendations to my friends and colleagues. Enter my latest find from German cosmetics company Catrice.

Image via Catrice.

After returning to work from the Labour Day weekend, the Lifestyle team and style mavens I work with all complimented me on my “sun-kissed glow.” Knowing I’m a stickler for staying out of the sun (another one of my rants I’ll save for another day), they all asked whether I had spent my long weekend tanning or had done something different to my everyday look. The answer was simple, super affordable and even impressed our beauty editors.

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The California In a Box palette by Catrice is the latest addition to my makeup collection. For less than $20, you get two universally flattering shades of blush, two shades of bronzer and a golden highlighter that delivers that post-vacation glow without the sun-damage.

Image via Catrice.

A cruelty-free brand that creates products that go toe-to-toe with items at higher price points. I’ve played with several other Catrice products including their Liquid Camoflage Concealer, a favourite of my go-to makeup YouTube guru, Tati Westbrook and have been pleased.

Image via Catrice.

For only $8, this dupe for the coveted Tarte Shape Tape won’t magnify or sink into any fine lines and packs a punch when it comes to coverage. Plus, it’s a quarter of the price - so everyone wins.

If you’re on the hunt for a multi-use product that will keep your summertime glow rolling into fall, the California In a Box palette is your new and affordable secret weapon.

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