The best non-alcoholic drinks to try this Dry January

Not drinking this month or looking to quit alcohol for good? There are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives to try [Photo: Getty]
Not drinking this month or looking to quit alcohol for good? There are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives to try [Photo: Getty]

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Four million people have signed up to do Dry January this year, a month of no alcohol to counteract the indulgence of the Christmas break.

Unlike previous years, there are more non-alcoholic versions of our favourite tipples to get us through.

Some of which don’t just look and taste like alcohol - they “burn” like it, too.

Just like vegan burgers that taste and look like real meat, there’s a debate to be had about whether we really want our non-alcoholic drinks to burn like alcohol.

Alex Carlton, the founder of Stryyk, a range of alcohol-free gin, vodka and rum would argue otherwise, with pregnant women and people abstaining from alcohol being his two main customers.

Not only has Alex managed to mimic the the taste of alcohol - and even the bottles it goes in - he has replicated that eye-watering throat burn that spirits can give you.

“There’s a few voices in the industry that says we shouldn’t mimic alcohol.” He said.

“I think the opposite. You only have to look at the number of non-alcoholic beers. We’re taking spirits and making them non-alcoholic. People want to drink their favourite tipple without getting drunk.”

He’s got a point. There are plenty of other non-alcoholic options to get you through the first Dry January of the decade - some of which taste like alcohol, others don’t. Take your pick.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Stryyk Not Gin | £16.12 from Amazon

If you’re missing the “burn” a sip of gin gives you, this range of non-alcoholic spirits will replicate alcohol in the most authentic way.

Kopparberg Alcohol Free Cider | £3 from Amazon

If you’re not a fan of spirits, Kopparberg to the rescue. It’s a non-alcoholic version of our favourite summer drink in the same style bottle as the alcoholic version.

Seedlip Citrus Non-Alcoholic Spirit | £28 from Anthropologie

Seedlip is the type of non-alcoholic drink you’re likely to find in a fancy London hotel. It comes in a range of different aromatic flavours and tastes delicious (although not that alcohol-like).

Nosecco Rosé Spumante Da Angelo Taurini | £3 from ASDA

The cleverly named Nosecco will help you to stay involved in momentous occasions (aka occasions that require you to raise your glass) without drinking any alcohol at all.

Celtic Soul | £20 from Sainsbury’s

Whisky drinkers unite, this one’s for you. Celtic Soul is the closest whisky-lovers will get to a non-alcoholic version of their beloved drink - it even looks dark and brooding.

Ceder's Crisp Non-Alcoholic Spirit | £13.78 from Amazon

Much like Seedlip, Ceder’s is made with botanicals for a fruity taste. It has the fresh feel of gin (without the alcohol, obviously) and reminds us a bit of Fever Tree.

Everleaf Bittersweet Aperitif Spritz | £18 from Amazon

A favourite for those who like a slightly vanilla-like after-taste. It’s served best with tonic water and its fragrant taste means it works well for pretty much any occasion.

Non-alcoholic Sparkling Water Cocktails | £10.99 for three from Amazon

These ready-to-go no-alcohol cocktails come in a range of flavours to suit any palette. We like that they suit the seasons, with cardamon and chilli being out go-to for Dry January.

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