Dua Lipa loves lipstick

Dua Lipa's "lifesaver" is lipstick.

The 'New Rules' hitmaker always wears simimlar hues on her lips because she knows what complements her colouring, and if she's short of time she'll use the colour on other parts of her face too.

She told HarpersBazaar.com: "I usually love brown tones; I think those complement my skin tone the best - anything from a nude colo r to brown and even dark red colours.

"That’s my spectrum, and I stick to those.

"What I look for in lipstick is to use it as a multipurpose product, so I love to put a little on my lips. If I’m like running out, I’ll put some on my eyes and cheeks, and I’m done.

"But also, if I’m not wearing any make-up and I put lipstick on, I feel done up right away. It’s like my lifesaver; I never leave the house without it."

And Dua admitted she often doesn'mt realise just how many lipsticks she has on her person at any time.

She said: "I was opening up my make-up the other day to move stuff into my suitcase, and I found about 20 lipsticks, all pretty much the same colour."

The 28-year-old star has become less experimental with her beauty look as she's learned what suits her best.

She said: "I’ve learned how to use makeup so much, what I like, what suits, and what doesn’t.

"Figuring out how to do my own make-up takes a while. I think I was used to experimenting so much with makeup, almost to the point where it was too much. Now I put on less...

"I’ve just gotten clearer about what I like. But it depends—I get experimental for a night out, and maybe I’ll try an eye, but my every day look is always the same. So many beauty trends are out there that it’s almost hard to keep up."