Duchess Kate Middleton is trying to alleviate her morning sickness with ginger biscuits, Prince William revealed

Hannah Kramer

According to multiple reports, Kate Middleton has been trying all she can to alleviate her severe morning sickness.

The Duchess, who revealed just earlier this month that she is pregnant with her third child, suffers from Hyperemesis gravidarum, an illness that also plagued her previous two pregnancies. Affecting nearly one in every 200 pregnancies, severe nausea is accompanied by dehydration and low blood pressure, amongst other symptoms.

Experts say that the condition worsens with every subsequent pregnancy.

Most recently, Kate's nausea was so bad that she was unable to accompany 4-year-old Prince George to his first day of school. And despite being forced to cancel a number of public engagements, the Duchess "has been trying a number of remedies" to combat the condition.

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At a recent engagement to support the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund, Prince William spoke with 98-year-old Iris Orrell about his wife's condition. Orrell, a mother of three, shared that she also suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum. She suggested the Duchess try "dry biscuits", while Prince William explained one of their failed remedies.

"Ginger biscuits - but there's not much ginger can do to stop that - we've done all that," the royal said, according to Express.

In her previous pregnancies, Kate opted for lavender shortbread cookies, a "traditional" remedy that was reportedly suggested by the Duchess of Cornwall.

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