'Dude, we ate dude:' Alleged serial killer may have served neighbors her victim at a cookout

Kelly Cochran, an alleged serial killer, in a photo posted to her Facebook page. (Photo: Kelly Cochran via Facebook)

In a story that will make you second-guess any barbecue you attend this summer, an alleged serial killer may have served neighbors meat that was actually human remains.

A new documentary, Dead North, alleges that Kelly Cochran and her husband, Jason, made an oath when they got married to kill off anyone involved in their extramarital affairs.

Cochran, now 36, admitted in court that she and her husband coaxed her lover Chris Regan to their home and shot him. It is believed that the couple dismembered him and possibly served the remains to their neighbors.

Kelly Cochran’s mug shot. (Photo:  Lake County Sheriff’s Department)

Laura Frizzo, the chief of police in Iron River, Mich., told People that the couple’s neighbors heard “sawing in the middle of the night” and then received an invitation from the Cochrans to come over for dinner — which was not a common occurrence.

“Like, three times in one week,” Frizzo said. “He recalled there was so much meat. There was no side dishes or anything like that — shish kebabs, then pizza, then tacos.”

During an interview with Frizzo, the neighbor turned to a relative and said, “Dude, we ate dude!”

Another person interviewed for the documentary remembers eating a strange-tasting burger.

Two years after this incident, Cochran killed her husband, Jason, by delivering an overdose of heroin and covering his neck, nose, and mouth with her hands until he died in less than a minute.

According to Cochran’s family, it is possible she killed up to nine people and buried their bodies across the Midwest.

In May 2017, Cochran was sentenced to life in prison without parole for Regan’s murder. In May 2018, she was convicted of murdering her husband and was sentenced to an additional 65 years.

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