‘Dune’ Star Josh Brolin Talks Writing ‘Tongue-in-Cheek’ Poems About Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in New Behind-the-Scenes Book ‘Exposures’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Actor Josh Brolin and cinematographer Greig Fraser have documented the shooting of “Dune: Part One” and “Dune: Part Two” in a new coffee table book titled “Dune: Exposures.”

Out Feb. 13, the book is published by Insight Editions and features rare on-set moments with the cast and crew. Brolin, who plays Warmaster Gurney Halleck in the two films, shares his on-set experience through poetry.

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Speaking with Variety, Brolin says every word he wrote was a reaction: to Fraser’s photography, to his experience in front of the camera or to their friendship. He says, “The writing is very different, tonally. Sometimes it’s tongue-in-cheek, sometimes it’s descriptive, sometimes it’s a dialogue and sometimes it’s a poem.”

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Brolin and Fraser developed a unique bond during production, solidifying a connection that led to the collaboration. Fraser says, “He’s a beautiful writer. I was reading it after coming home from work and talking to him about those words the next day, and it became fun to discuss his process and his writing. His words created incredible images in my mind for just colors, shapes and ideas in my mind.”

Speaking about the intimate images coupled with Brolin’s writing, Fraser adds, “When I read those words next to one of those images, it grows, it makes something more than what those images are by themselves. And when there are words by themselves with no images, then it allows the next image to have context.”

Going through the pages, Brolin says he’s proud of the result. “I’ve been writing this book, and there are 95,000 words that I’m cutting down into something edible,” he says.

Brolin doesn’t have a favorite passage but says, “I love haikus.” He reads a passage from the book, “‘Lie down in the light, as fictional characters watch you from afar.’ I love that because it’s pointing out the fact that this is not real, but there’s nothing more real. The light is real, lying down is real, the sand is real, the experience is real, and yet, it’s this great contrasting thing.”

The 172-page book serves as the perfect companion volume to executive producer Tanya Lapointe’s visual book “The Art and Soul of Dune” and its sequel “The Art and Soul of Dune: Part Two.”

Additionally, limited editions of “Dune: Exposures” will be printed in three versions for three of the film’s stars. Each copy comes with a museum-quality print of either Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, or Brolin — each with a signed original poem by Josh Brolin specific to each print.

Each giclée print measures 16” x 20” and is printed on archival photographic paper. Each print has been individually numbered by hand and signed by Fraser. Brolin’s poems have also been printed on museum-quality paper and have been individually signed by the actor.

The limited edition set features a cloth-bound copy of “Dune: Exposures” and is signed by both Fraser and Brolin.

“Dune: Exposures” is available for purchase at Insight Editions and other retailers such as Target.

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