Dylan Farrow opens up about Woody Allen in new doc: 'He was always hunting me'

In HBO’s four-part docu series Allen v. Farrow, Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, spoke in disturbing detail about her relationship with Allen. Allen was first accused of sexually abusing Farrow in 1992, but criminal charges were never pursued. Allen has vehemently denied the allegations ever since. Farrow first opened up publicly about the alleged abuse in 2014, but in Allen v. Farrow, she speaks about certain experiences in disturbing detail.

“I have memories of getting into bed with him. He was in his underwear, and I'm in my underwear, cuddling,” Farrow said. “I remember his breath on me. He would just wrap his body around me, very intimately.”

In her 2014 letter, Farrow mentions Allen sticking his thumb in her mouth, and in Allen v. Farrow, she described one such incident as something much more disconcerting.

“I remember sitting on the steps with him in the country house. There was nobody else around, and he was directing me on how to suck his thumb,” Farrow said, “telling me what to do with my tongue. And I think that lasted a while. It felt like a long time.”