Dylan Mulvaney and Phillip Picardi on Girlhood, Content Creation and More at Teen Vogue Summit 2023

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Performer, model, and content creator Dylan Mulvaney took Teen Vogue Summit 2023 stage for an in-depth conversation moderated by Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and founder of them Phillip Picardi.

Formerly, Picardi made history as Teen Vogue's first male beauty editor and later went on to become the Chief Creative Officer of the publication. He returned to celebrate Teen Vogue's 20th birthday in an engaging conversation with Mulvaney, discussing the changing media landscape, representation for transgender youth, and more.

Mulvaney rose to fame in March 2022 — a little over 600 days ago — when her “Days of Girlhood” series went viral on TikTok. In these video diaries, Mulvaney tells viewers all about her daily life as a trans woman, encompassing everything from dealing with prejudice to buying clothes and loving Twilight. Since then, she's taken the world by storm, appearing in major brand campaigns and walking the runway at New York Fashion Week.

With Teen Vogue Summit 2023 being centered around dreaming your future, Mulvaney took the stage to discuss her prosperous career and what it's like being a content creator who shares stories of trans joy. Revisiting Mulvaney's original post documenting her first day of girlhood, she said, “In that first video, I just remember hoping that ppl could see my intentions were good and i was the truest version of myself and I was ready to learn.”

Today, Mulvaney confirmed she's set to release a number of projects in new fields. Some plans she teased to the Teen Vogue Summit audience included acting and writing a book. This news comes after a tumultuous year for Mulvaney, who revealed that the hardships she faced this year have influenced her upcoming works.

“I think that is the one piece of this whole last year; I rushed a lot of things. I talked about a lot of things really fast and I think there were some little minute details that got lost in the mix and I'm doing those now,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney also revealed some dream projects she'd love to work on in the future, including a romantic comedy centered around transgender people finding love and success as well as a rendition of the musical Legally Blonde with transgender people. She explained that she believes that audiences seeing transgender people in these scripted roles will teach others how to love and support transgender people as well.

Mulvaney also discussed being in the fashion and beauty space. She noted that she's become more experimental with her style over the years, a major step from her traditional upbringing and past reservations. “I was so scared of being seen as a predator or all the things they were projecting on us... now, I feel like I’ve given myself permission to go there,” she says.

Content creation will also continue to be a priority for Mulvaney. Speaking to the audience, Mulvaney explained how she balances the pros and cons of the digital landscape. Some steps she said she would be taking included continuously creating content efficiently but tactfully, making meaningful friendships with other creators, carefully choosing who she collaborates with in the future, and more.

While Dylan Mulvaney and Philip Picardi kicked off the day with such an insightful discussion, it was just the first of many exciting panels to come at Teen Vogue Summit 2023. If you're not able to attend in person, don't worry because we have got you covered. You can livestream the event and keep refreshing for more live updates.

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